Studio One - Mastering and Vinyl Cutting Studio

Studio One - Mastering and Vinyl Cutting Studio

Curve Pusher's mastering studios have been developed over the last 20 years, and now boasts a collection of the finest analogue eqs, valve compressors and limiters, and is set in a room that I believe is amongst the best sounding, flat response rooms out there. Our main monitors, ATC SCM300's are proffessionally set in a wall, and capable of producing remarkable sound, with our reference near fields, ATC SCM 25 pros as well on stands. If you've been here, I'm sure you would agree. You are always welcome to attend the sessions, or we can do online mastering, where you simply send us the tracks and instructions, and we can normally turn it around and have your files back to you in a few days.

Mastering, in a nut shell, is the fine tuning process that occurs after your music is produced / recorded. Its purpose is to make it sound as good as it possibly can, and preparing it for release, be that digitally for CD or download, or cutting the master lacquers for vinyl record release.

We pride ourself in our meticulous analogue path when cutting records and preparing digital masters, and for many clients, we commit the mastered audio to half inch tape (GP9) on a Studer A80, for that extra special touch and sound.

If you are doing vinyl releases, on request, we can give you masters to check before the cutting to lacquer, so you can check your audio is as you would wish, without having to wait for your test pressings. At this stage, it is also possible for us to have already committed your music to analogue tape. It takes a little more time, but gives that extra special touch that is very hard to find anywhere else.

We would always encourage your guidance as to how you would like your music to sound, and the best way for this is often to provide us with reference audio. This would normally be as a full bandwidth wav or vinyl record to help achieve exactly the results that you are after. After all, not everyone wants their music mastered the same. Some prefer a more dynamic, open and warm sound, but many are looking for a tight, heavy, loud and bright sound. We are in the position to cover all options, with our extensive knowledge and combined experience.

With our wide range of equipment and experience, we can master from stereo files, or if you wish, we master or mix from stems, either in the mastering or recording studio, depending on your requirements. Stems mixing takes your music back a stage. You can go all the way so each sound is given to us indivually, and we may be mixing your track with say 40 stereo stems. This would be done in the recording studio, where you could also utilise our extensive array of analogue synths and outboard compressors and effects. Or you could supply say 5 stereo pairs, say Kick, other drums, basses, other instruments and vocals, and we could mix then master these in the mastering room.

Kit List: 

Neumann VMS70 Cutting Lathe
Neumann SAL 74 Cutting rack
ATC SCM 300 Main Monitors
ATC SCM 25 Pro Near Fields
Chiswick Reach Stereo Valve Compressor
Maselec Peak and HF Limiter
Focusrite Blue Mastering EQ
Orban 8-way stereo parametric EQ
Thermionic Culture 'Pheonix' Stereo Valve Compressor
Studer A80 Half inch reel to reel tape machine
Studer A810 Quarter inch tape machine