Dave Turner

Dave is the latest addition to the Curve Pusher team, but joins us with over 28 years mastering experience.

Dave started out working at Digiprep in LA, California in 1992, where he had his initial dabblings in mastering, before joing the appropriatly named ‘Chop ’em Out’ in London in 1992-94. He then progressed his career to Tape2Tape in Fulham in 1994 , which then became Heathams by the time he left in 2007, at which time with a wealth of experience in all sides of the mastering and recording industry.

Dave then moved to Hastings to join 360 mastering, where he is still part of their team. He works for Curve Pusher also since the end of 2018, where he has now finally popped his cherry and is cutting lacquers! A welcome addition to the team, Dave is now mastering and cutting for all of our established and new clients alike.