Keith Tenniswood

Keith is a respected producer who comes with over 30 years experience working in music.

His production work as Radioactive Man and alongside Andrew Weatherall as Two Lone Swordsmen has given him a reputation for sound engineering highly respected in the electronic music world. To date Keith has released 5 solo studio albums, not including the 8th DJ mix compilation in fabric’s respected series, and his music has seen release on a range of respected underground imprints including Wangtrax and Killekill. He’s also remixed for some of the best artists in music from Spiritualised, Primal Scream, Death in Vegas & Ricardo Villalobos across his career.

Keith came to the company in 2010 in the capacity of recording studio engineer and soon began training to become a vinyl cutting and mastering engineer – a role he has been skilfully fulfilling for 7 years.