Lawrie Dunster

Lawrie has worked in the music world for 35 years (ouch).

Starting out in punk bands at 14 he’s moved through a huge range of genres and instruments, on guitar and drums, through dub reggae, funk, ska, metal. During this time he began to learn his trade as a front of house sound engineer for the support acts, whilst he was building up his first sound system to ensure his bands always had good sound, wherever they played. He ended up starting electronic music programming around 20 years ago. His sound engineering led to an array of front of house mixing, from Dub Syndicate with Adrian Sherwood, to the Jazz Field at Glastonbury, and many many others.

Lawrie was also running underground parties at this time, from warehouses all over north London, to Cooltan Arts centre in Brixton and festivals across Europe. He quickly became successful with several record labels, including Routemaster records and Pounding Grooves. Lawrie realised whilst having his 1st record mastered and cut, that this was the direction he wanted to take his career in, and several years of djing and playing live later (in the names of Lawrie Immersion and Pounding Grooves), Curve Pusher was finally born.

Since then, Curve Pusher have become very established, and remain at the forefront of the dance music scene, particularly connected with the underground. House, Techno, Reggae, drum and bass have all become specialties for Lawrie, who now is comfortable working with any genre, from ambient field recordings to thrash metal and pop, with everything in between.

Lawrie has become an integral part of mastering for the dance scene and has mastered everything on Crosstown Rebels for around 10 years, everything on Hot Creations, Vision Quest, Ellum Audio, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, mastering also for Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler, just to name a minute fraction of return customers. He also has an expertise in mastering, restoring and cutting various forms of reggae. His ear for the music and experience from all sides of the scene allow him to know what’s right for any given piece, and can pre master your tracks for you if cutting to vinyl, so you can check the audio before committing to lacquer.