Analogue Recording Studio

Curve Pusher’s recording studio has been meticulously developed by Lawrie over the last 25 years. It contains most of the greatest analogue synths and drum machines ever made. The room features a 48 channel Amek Angela 1, an outstanding array of high end outboard effects and compressors, all easily accessible through the extensive patch bay and auxiliary controls.

Our live room, including a drum kit and an extensive array of choice microphones, from Neumann U87 (original), to Altec Lansing Ribbon/condenser mic, 1937, along with a full set of vocal and drum mics. Of course, there is the Mac Pro 12 core, packed full of all the digi goodies you could ever need. There are also various hardware and analogue sequencers, please see the equipment list for further details.

This room is available for hire with engineer by the day or half day, for mixing your stems, recording new tracks from scratch, or whatever you desire.

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